Advantages of Getting Home Security Alarms

The home security alarms are very helpful in detecting for those unlawful entry of people right into that of your area or your premises. The two major types of the alarm systems that is common in homes are the bell only alarms and the monitored alarm system. The bell only alarm can actually produce the high pitch siren when then home security is being breached. The first purpose of this kind of alarm is actually two folds. The first one which is the loud siren will act as deterrent to the activity of the criminals that will inform that there is an intruder that had reached or has been detected by the home security. Usually, the alarm that the bell do produces can be a high pitched sound frequency that will make the burglar to be alarmed and will flee immediately away from the house premises.

Secondly, the purpose of having a bell alarm system is to be able to inform the people around the vicinity of the residence that the home security has been breached by the intruder and that the occupants or the neighbors will be informed about the happening and they can help to catch he intruder. While this is a good kind of feature if ever you will be at home or to have someone nearby to help respond to that alert, this cannot be beneficial once you are away from that of your home and no one can respond to the alarm.

In contrast, the monitored alarm system is usually the one that is referred to by the third party alarm and used as an alarm system for the monitoring company. There are audible, high-pitched tones, and some silent alarms that cannot be heard by the intruder.

While the advantages of that of the audible bell alarm is being outline above and is pretty obvious, the silent security alarm is not. The main reason why the silent alarm is used is to lure those perpetrators of that of the home security breach and believing as if they have been caught on camera. This will allow the security company to be able to attend directly to the scene and catch those criminals red handed.

Regardless of what kind or type of alarm you will have, both the silent and the audible home security alarms will function in the same. With that of the monitored alarm systems, when the house will be breached, then an instant alarm activation will be passed to that of the central monitoring station right to that of your phone line that will alert the security company about the problem or intrusion. The security alarm company is going to dispatch then then security guard that is going to attend to that of your premises to start to investigate the real cause of the alarm.

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